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The Students For A Democratic Society - 1669 Words

Description: The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was formed in 1959 after they decided to branch off of the Student League for Industrial Democracy, which was the youth branch of the Socialist League for Industrial Democracy. The SDS was a radical group made up of teens and young adults that sought to overthrow America’s democratic society and remake it in a Marxist image. Many of the SDS’ key members where known as â€Å"red diaper babies† as their parents were often members of the Communist parties of the 1930’s. The Students for a Democratic Society’s founding can be accredited to a man named Aryeh Neier in 1959; who would later become the National Executive Director of the ACLU and go on to build two other influential organizations, the Human Rights Watch and the Open Society Institute. SDS held its first meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1960 where it announced its first President, Alan Haber. Haber was an editor for the student newspap er at the University of Michigan and was known as â€Å"Ann Arbor’s resident radical†. From their first meeting, the SDS decided that they wanted to set the tone and introduce an itinerary for their generation as they grew to influence the political world. The SDS denounced bigotry, materialism, personal alienation, and industrialization in America and also widely protested American abundance, the threat of nuclear war, military spending, and the Cold War. They publicly addressed this in 1962 by creating what historian Michael KazinShow MoreRelatedThe Port Huron Statement Of The Students For A Democratic Society1118 Words   |  5 PagesHuron Statement of the Students for a Democratic Society Students in Port Huron, Michigan came together to write and discuss a document in association with the Students for a Democratic Society. The students called it a â€Å"dialogue with society,† in which they explained their concerns with American politics and economics, and provided possible solutions to these pressing issues. The statement is meant to inform society, and create an ongoing discussion between citizens, students, and elite members toRead MoreThe Students for a Democratic Society of the late 1960’s Essay783 Words   |  4 Pagesfor this turn to radicalism, as seen in the case of the Students for a Democratic Society, and as suggested by the change between this organizations earlier Port Huron statement and the later Weatherman Manifesto, is due to the gradual escalation of the Vietnam war. The Port Huron Statement, issued in 1962 by a group of reformist students, is a peaceful call to action. In addition to pointing out the wrongs in their society, it also speaks about how the institutions of schools, governmentRead MoreThe Importance of Diverse and Democratic Schooling Essay881 Words   |  4 Pagestrue purpose of schooling should be to educate all students equitably, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, etc., so that they can use logic and reasoning to make informed decisions (Spring, 6). Teachers are at the frontline in the struggle to create well-educated citizens within a diverse and democratic society. This essay will examine the criteria needed to create the ideal citizen of a diverse and democratic society, as well as how I as an educator plan to integrateRead MoreThe Benefits of a Gender-Neutral Housing Facility1364 Words   |  5 Pagesand option for the students (National Student, 2012). These options have been implemented in various different ways in the colleges and universities. There are universities such as the Brandeis University that only provides the upper-class students with the option of gender-neutral housing whereas, in the Hampshire College, students from any year can have any roommate that they want even if they are from the opposite sex. Rutgers University also allows the upper-class students with the option ofRead MoreEssay about A Reflection of My Teaching Philosphy851 Words   |  4 Pagesmodern world. Learning, such as critical thinking, should light a flame within the students that is a desire to learn, instead of smothering this desire through rote memorization. Just as Plato proposed that people must emerge from their caves of their own reality, students need to be brought forth out of their caves and into the sunlight by their guides who are teachers. Education is the process by which students learn more about themselves and about the world around them. Aristotl e proposed thatRead MoreThe American Dream931 Words   |  4 PagesEvery person in the United States is entitled to free and universal public education to create a collective democratic society of individuals, prepare them to participate as citizens of the democracy and provide students with the tools and knowledge to achieve the American Dream. The American Dream is an ideology that if you get an education, work hard and are a good citizen, you will succeed in life. However, with systemic inequity in our education system, specifically disparity in quality of educationRead MoreThe Point Of View Of Paulo Freire1299 Words   |  6 Pagesis the leading point to awake the critical awareness and the thinking process of the individual in the society. The oppressed is needed to restore the humanity of both the oppressors and the oppressed, which is the struggle of the liberation when it is carrying out. Freire suggested a new idea of education, that generates a partnership between the te achers and the students, permitting the student to engage into a dialogue and be able to start the process of humanization through thinking. Freire highlightedRead MoreMy Educational Philosophy : My Philosophy Of Education1006 Words   |  5 Pagesto combat the numerous citizens that are ignorant to the significance of the demanding role that educators fulfill in society. American educators dedicate their lives to the wellbeing of the general public by instilling essential information into the minds of children and adolescents, with the expected consequence that these students will be able to function and thrive in society. As a future educator, therefore, I believe that to take on the daunting task of shaping the nation’s future citizensRead MorePersuasive Speech On Free Speech Rights1181 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Students and their right to free speech have been debated for decades. Public schools have been challenged on many occasions for denying students their First Amendment right. Over the years the courts have ruled in favor of students and school districts. Outcomes of these rulings have varied according to the nature and extent of the student speech in question. This paper will discuss different interpretations of free speech rights for students under the Constitution’s First AmendmentRead MoreThe Education Of The United States1575 Words   |  7 PagesIn the two hundred forty-one years since the founding of the United States, few have seriously argued the importance of education to society. Although education was left out of the United States Constitution in the interest of states’ rights, Thomas Jefferson was not alone in believing that â€Å"the most important bill in our whole code is that for the diffusion of knowledge among the people†¦ [which is necessary] f or the preservation of freedom and happiness.† (251). Despite a consensus on the necessity

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Order Leadership Power And Moral Consequences - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1405 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/04/15 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Lord of The Flies Essay Did you like this example? Order, leadership, power, and moral consequences. These are some concepts needed in society to maintain civilization. Lord of the Flies by William Golding explores these ideological struggles between two main characters: Ralph and Jack. With different perspectives about how one should rule, they both challenge each other from the start. The novel begins with a plane crash in the middle of an unknown island where a group of young English boys are stranded without any adults, and are thus tested on survival and morality. Ralph, our protagonist, steps up right away after being elected leader. He is portrayed as a democratic character that is quick to enforce rules, manage, and provide assistance to the group. He is the primary representative of civilization, order and authoritative leadership from the traditional school structures. Jack is Ralphs antagonist who represents the savagery and dictatorship that a tyrannical would have. His selfish desire is to gain power and control over the group. Jack never thinks of the moral consequences to the island, leading him to a dominant nature. He believes a leader should be obeyed given any order. By the end of the novel, he develops exactly into that leader. Although Jacks use of coercive power is accepted when the boys descend into their animalistic behavior, only Ralphs referent power can be truly accepted as legitimate by civilization and society. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Order Leadership Power And Moral Consequences" essay for you Create order In the beginning of Lord of the Flies, we are introduced to the powerful conch which is the most important symbol from the novel and the first discovery. Although Ralph finds it, Piggy comes up with the plan to blow on it to find the others on the island (Golding 8). Piggys action shows his expert power; however, Ralphs tool of referent power takes over and because of the conch Ralph is elected as the leader of the group, As Ralph is described it ts pointed that [M]ost obscurely, yet most powerfully, there was the conch (Golding 22). Showing us not only the power the conch really possesses, but also showing us that the boys are aware that electing a leader is the only way for things to work out. Ralph even gives the boys the idea of voting and freedom by raising the conch and saying they have to have a chief to decide things (Golding 11). This shows his intuitive thought of law and order; a main trait of democracy, where the boys have the opportunity of choices. It is decided later on that whoever holds the conch in their meetings has the right to speak, and everyone has to listen (Golding 33). Giving not only the conch power but also giving the boys the power to be heard; Thus, the conch is what made the island a civilized society from the start. Considering the rule was enforced by Ralph and Piggy, it told us that from the start he tried to preserve the civilized living principle, that we were granted in humanity (Golding 22). By having this conch it is representing the order and law in their island, because o f the right they are offered from this conch which of course, is freedom of speech. In William Goldings epic, Lord of the Flies, the guiltless young boy named Jack has started to change into the enemy of the story. He paints on an undermining red and white face thickly striped with charcoal that connects backwards right ear to left of his jaw, and when he sees his reflection he begins to laughing forebodingly around a pool of water (Golding 63-64). Jack sees the impression of himself in this manner in the pool and changed absolutely. His dubious side was at present coordinating all his reason and strategy for thinking. Despite how Jacks age isnt clearly imparted all through the novel, it is shown that he is a standout amongst the most settled among the get-together of youthful colleagues on the island and is around the age of twelve or thirteen. This prompts the conviction that Jacks presentation of confirmation inside this front of war paint is a trademark one. Golding contends that individuals are on a very basic level of savagery, when drawn toward delight and brutality; they will have effectively figured out how to make flourishing civic establishments for a great number of years. So that discredits Goldings hypothesis about human instinct being savage, correct? Not exactly. Golding goes on to make a comparable contention; he delineates progress as a cloak that through its guidelines and laws veils the wickedness inside each person. So even while civic establishments flourish, they are simply concealing the monster. They have not annihilated it. The nonexistent monster that scares all the young men represents the basic intuition of brutality that exists inside every person. The young boys fear the beastie, however just Simon achieves the acknowledgment that the fear the monster since it exists inside every one of them. As the young men develop increasingly savage, their confidence in the monster becomes more grounded. At the end of the novel, the young men are abandoning it forfeits and regarding it as a totemic god. The young mens conduct is the thing that brings the beastie into reality, so the more brutally the kids act, the more genuine the monster appears to turn into. The young men turn intothe monster when they murder Simon. Golding portrays the savages conduct as creature like; the savages dropped their lances (mans instrument) and shouted, struck, piece, tore. There were no words, and no developments yet the tearing of teeth and paws (Golding 153). This depiction is fundamentally the same as Sam and Erics portrayal of the brute on the mountain. The Beast is a danger, be it envisioned or genuine, to the general public that has been shaped on the island and is treated all things considered by every one of the characters with the exception of Simon. This danger is at initial a unifier of the young men and after that separates them, all looking for security in the clan and its military power. Jack is the controller here, he utilizes the Beast as a method for picking up and looking after power, utilizing the Beast also to the purposeful publicity of authoritarian states. So the mammoth can be viewed as an instrument whereby Jack keeps up his capacity, a portrayal everything being equal and a method for imparting trepidation and regard in the people. With regards to the book, whenever took a gander at generally, the Beast is the danger from Soviet Russia utilized by governments to control their kin and increment military spending or correspondingly any promulgation utilized by any legislature to undermine majority rules system. Likewise, Simon acknowledges there is no monster and says perhaps its solitary us (Golding 155). This shows how Simon understands the murkiness of mans heart influences every one of us. Throughout the novel, Ralph does many things that represents his leadership over having a civilized society. One of the most astonishing approaches he takes is when all the boys build the shelters. As the elected leader, Ralph is shown to be altruistic as he quickly thinks of the groups safety before his. Ralph knows to maintain civilization, and overcome their fear, they would have to have something they can feel safe in and call it home. This is seen when Ralph gave the feeling of hope to the boys, when he talks about the queens maps. It gave the assembly of boys a sense of safety by his words and the respect towards him (Golding 29). Bestowing even more legitimate power to Ralph. Without the feeling of hope that Ralph gave to the boys, the island would have formed in utter chaos; Furthermore, building the shelters didnt just provide safety, but it also created the bond with each other; and that is teamwork. Its where everybody felt the need to participate, showing us that leadership and order is needed to maintain a civilized society; Therefore, Ralphs authority over his legitimate power is what kept the island civilized and secure from the start. Regardless of Ralphs altruism and positive expectations, he encounters many obstacles at a young age through respectfulness, which uncover his inborn crude nature. Although Ralph is imperfect like the rest of humankind, he is depicted as a moderately empathetic leader, who is a defender of civilization and wishes to build up an organized, agreeable life on the island where a great possibilities of the boys being rescued is present.

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Great Expectations Prose Study Coursework How Did Charles...

Great expectations: Prose study coursework How did Charles Dickens create sympathy for Pip in the opening chapter of great expectation? In this essay I’m going to be writing about a Charles Dickens book called ‘Great Expectations’ and how he successfully makes the reader feel sorry for the main character in the book named Pip; a young orphan, alone in a graveyard and how bad his life is or how bad its going to get. Dickens makes the reader feel sorry for Pip because we find out that, apart from his sister all his family is dead. Pip tells us as â€Å"I never saw my father or my mother, and never saw any likeness of them...† Pip is shown in a very sad light and the reader wonders why Pip is so alone. We also learn that he had five little†¦show more content†¦Don’t cut my throat, sir...† this shows how much Pip is scared of the convict and how Pip pleads in terror to the convict not to hurt Pip also this again and again makes the reader heavyhearted and sorrowful for Pip. I can tell that the story was written a long time ago because it says in the story â€Å"all in coarse gray, with a great iron on his leg...† that’s how prisoners were treated in Charles Dickens times with great big iron cuffs on his legs which would weigh a ton but in the modern days the prisoners don’t have to wear those great big iron cuffs or those black and white stripped uniform they just wear jumpsuits. When Pip meets the convict first he gets Pip to steal food and a file (to wear down the iron cuff and cut it off) from his sister, I can show this by...†you get me a file† and it says after that â€Å"And you get me wittles† again dickens is successful at making the reader remorseful for Pip that he has to steal from his own sister and what if she sees him stealing which would make her very angry which will result in Pip getting shouted at. If I were in Pip shoes I would just was to commit suicide right then and there, if I was Pip I would be terrified and he is very young which makes it worse that a young child has to go through all of that and Charles Dickens always makes the reader feel

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The Theory Of Human Development - 2240 Words

Type of paper: Case Study Your first name, your last name University title Student’s Name: ID Number: Assignment Title: Program/Subject: Teacher’s Name: Word Count Introduction The concept of human development has been explored and researched by many psychologists and scholars for centuries through the entire human history. The research done by this group of people has found out a lot about human development. This is a topic that concerns every member of the society and that’s why researchers are interested in it. Development is a topic that can be viewed from different angles. For instance, there are economists who understand human development based on a person’s ability to enjoy life from the existing social and†¦show more content†¦However this group of psychologist is unable to explain the origin of culture and how the values and beliefs of the cultures came about. These questions gave rise to genetic psychologist. Researcher s focusing on behavioral genetics have found out that our genes play a big role in determining who or what we will become. Thesis - Thus, while many different factors contribute to the differences in individuals and societies, it is undeniable that genes are responsible and play an influential part in the shaping of individuals. Where do moral beliefs and actions come from? For far too long psychologist have always engaged in debates to try and find out where morality originated from. The general belief was that individuals acquire moral values through education or experience they may have gone through in life. They believed that external factors played a major role in determining the origin of morality but the common question that was left unanswered was where societies got their origin of morality from. Recently a new group of psychologist has come forward with an explanation that may provide answers to some of these unanswered questions. They suggest that morality of individu als is inborn or hereditary in their genes. To justify this claim they conducted experiments with different types of babies some as young as three months old. The experiments sought to find out whether children are able to differentiate between good and

Critique of Picasso at the Lapin Agile Free Essays

Mr.. Vase Critique of Picasso at the Lapin Agile Written by Steve Martin and directed by Brine Lang, Picasso at the Lapin Agile is a play located at the Lapin Agile, in Paris. We will write a custom essay sample on Critique of Picasso at the Lapin Agile or any similar topic only for you Order Now Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso, both young, headstrong and passionate, come together in a fictitious meeting devised in the comic mind of Steve Martin. It’s bohemian Paris, at the turn of the century and everything has fallen quiet to listen to a conversation of exquisite topics. Does art matter? Can science touch the heart? Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder? Did Einstein and Picasso really only excel in their chosen fields in order to get girls? With a little help from a mysterious, visitor from the future (based on order of appearance) these topics get debated in one of the best possible environments, the bar of the â€Å"scurrying rabbit†. Steve Martins sense of humor is very immense in size, based on the bars name. By calling it the Lapin Agile (meaning scurrying rabbit) Martin is foreshadowing an unattainable theme to his play. He has a great sense of humor by calling it this and is very organized throughout the play, by placing hints all throughout the play, about he message of his play. Freddy is the bar tender of the Lapin Agile and is set on stage directions. When Einstein walks in, he realizes something was off and he points out later that, â€Å"In order of appearance. You’re not third. You’re fourth (11)†. By breaking that third wall between the audience and the play, Martin makes a very humorous act and allows one of his characters to use the play pamphlet to site the location of the casts’ order of appearance. With his successful attempt to achieve humor by breaking the wall between the audience and the actors, Martin can be understood to be triumphant at his attempts to create humor. Then, after Freddy citation to the cast in order of appearance, that wall between the actors and audience is set back in place. This is some funny stuff. When Einstein walked in, he spoke of meeting a woman, but he never told her the place where they were going to meet. This was Einstein theory that everything happens as an accident and that if something is bound to happen, it will no matter the place or the time. I happen to disagree with the statement because of the face that the world is big and time passes no matter what we are doing. It’s hard to Just run into someone who you want to meet, without having a plan first. People these days are busy and they are not always where we think we are. As the play progresses, Germane, a waitress and Freddy girlfriend, speaks about two pieces of work being of the same value. This is a great point that Martin brings forth in his play. But expressing his feelings about how two pieces of work can be seen as one, it makes me thing of two things that are similar in genera, but different in style. I could only think of music. There are many different love songs out their and they are all pertaining to different kinds of people. But on the other hand, you have many songs that are popular. Is it popularity that is the decision maker in our minds or is it something else? This question is something martin brings forth a lot. Martin has a way of telling Jokes that I have never heard before. When the part comes about the foretelling of the future, Freddy and Germane predict some futuristic creations that they believe to lay ahead. Germane makes some precise predictions that have come true, but the people around her make fun of her and tell her that her thoughts are not real. On the other hand, Freddy makes some predictions such as cloths being made of wax and the French being the almighty rower of Europe, and he is seen as the sane one. Martin is trying to point out that no matter how crazy the idea, it might come true because Germany’s theory was seen as a crazy one, yet it came true. It makes me thing of what out future will hold!!! Will there be a possibility of Jet pack and robotic houses that clean them selves? Germany’s ideas were crazy for her time and mine are the same, one never knows if their futuristic predictions will come true. Not only is martin good at making Jokes, he is good at conveying theories, through pieces of work that one would never believe had a deeper meaning than the surface crust. When Einstein and Picasso are having an argument between them about science and say they don’t have the same meaning, martin is trying to express his feelings by say that both science and art are connected directly. You have to be an artist to be able to think of the vast universe and there is a science behind drawing a face. It’s hard to believe that if you’re good at science then you should be good at art as well and vice-a-versa. I still can’t color for s*% even though I am good at science, I don’t know how that works out! Later on in the play, Freddy tells a Joke that no one understands. Einstein tryst to interpret the Joke using, his talented scientific thinking, to the others, but many people still chose to choose their thoughts about it. This brings to me another idea that martin is trying to convey. He is saying that surrealism is interpreted differently to different people and no one answer is correct to a complex surreal question. It’s based on the persons understanding to the concept and past experience with the topic on hand. So to me the Joke doesn’t make any sense and I would replace the letter â€Å"e† with the letter â€Å"O† because pies are supposed to be circular and BIG. Later Freddy and Einstein have a debate about an â€Å"icebox† laughter. Based on their discussion, a laugh can happen at anytime. It could be that one didn’t understand the Joke or moment and decided that it wasn’t funny. Then later on, that person laughs about the topic and sometimes it happens without thought and wonder what it is you were laughing about. That has happens to me a lot of times. Later on in the play, another very funny aspect to martins play is his perception of Picasso as being a womanlier. Germany’s assessment of the word womanlier very well fits Picasso’ character. Being a profound painter of the twentieth century, Picasso has his hands on many women, of different characteristics. He can have as many as he wants, whenever he wants, which is why Germany’s remark of Picasso as being a womanlier is a correct one. I would have said that he is the kind of guy who can be described by the phrase, â€Å"hit-it-and-quit-it†. This man, is one of those who takes women for granted and will do one when he wants, Just to satisfy his lust and will forget about her the next day. What a guy. In my opinion, women should be cherished. They are better to deal with when they’re happy, which meaner you have to do less work to please them and they will make you happy as well. On the other hand, if one is to take advantage of women, then they will lose their trust and may lose them forever. That is something that I would never want to happen. As the play continues martin introduces many new ideas of his, one being the idea of how beautiful love is. Picasso says he â€Å"would give it all up if [he] could sing songs about love. No more paints or more brushes†¦ Just the moonlight, the June light, and you† (66). By being able to sing, people have the ability to touch your souls. They sing a song that are related to the public and that’s how they touch people. Another season why Picasso might want to become a singer, if he could, is because it makes people dance, enjoy them selves, and sing to the beat. Best of all, it captures a lot more attention than paintings and more people can relate to song, rather than paintings. A moment of perfection is something that everyone wants to feel, a time when everything feels like its perfect and that nothing can make you feel bad. Picasso had his moment of perfection, when he saw the painting that was revealed by the visitor. The painting made him have a moment of perfection, where nothing else mattered but the painting. Hard to know when its happened till its over† (72). Moments of perfection are times when you feel like you would do anything to stay and be with the person you’re with or to continue a special task of yours, will it satisfies your mind. At the end of the play they are all giving a toast to the new century and Germane stays with Freddy. It’s funny how martin leaves Germane with Freddy and doesn’t hook her up with Picasso. I guess he is trying to convey the way we should treat women again. He first states this in Germany’s comment of Picasso as being a womanlier. By leaving Freddy and Germane together, martin is conveying the Hough that you don’t have to be a rich famous person to be with someone, you Just have to be gentle and considerate. He also tries to get across the thought that we shouldn’t treat women any different than we treat ourselves. WOW, what a message! Only a guy like Steve Martin would be able to present such a complex misunderstanding in real terms, with a comical piece of literature. For a guy who used to make a living with fake arrows through his head, a great play. The complex idea within the simple short play is a great way to catch the publics’ eyes and attention. Great Job STEVE! How to cite Critique of Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Papers

Heathcliff is best seen as a child of the storm Essay Example For Students

Heathcliff is best seen as a child of the storm Essay A storm is often described as wild and unforgiving, a destructive force of nature that cannot be predicted and leaves chaos and disarray in its wake. Often times a storm is associated with tragedy and pain because of its destructiveness. All of these features are characteristic of Heathcliff’s own personality. He is a very complex character made up of numerous layers that each impact the reader’s perception of him, whether it is in a positive or negative manner. When Heathcliff is introduced at Wuthering Heights, his appearance and manner is described to the reader by Nelly. Here, and in many occasions afterwards, Heathcliff is described to be a dark-skinned gypsy boy, giving the impression he is a wild, untamed creature. He is said to speak some gibberish that cannot be understood, showing either that he is uneducated or that he speaks a language that is foreign to the residents of Wuthering Heights. References to his affinity for nature and animals are made in the novel when he is tasked with taking care of the horses in the stables at Wuthering Heights. Further emphasis is placed on this aspect of his character when we learn that Heathcliff and Cathy spend a lot of time away from the grounds of the house and enjoy being out in the fields together. Upon Heathcliff’s arrival at Wuthering Heights it is clear that he brings trouble and his presence is rather ominous. On many occasions in the novel his presence also acts as an indication that something bad is about to happen. This further likens Heathcliff to a storm as a storm is also often a symbol of foreboding and trouble, both of which can be easily perceived in Heathcliff, even more so after his return to Wuthering Heights following his long absence, when his whereabouts were unknown to all members of the story. His absence here adds on to his character as this period of time is completely unexplored and it stays unknown how Heathcliff made his fortune or what trials he may have gone through. It is also unclear how he gains control of Wuthering Heights and what his relationship. His sudden power is unsettling to Nelly and the other characters. All of this adds on to the mysteriousness of Heathcliff’s character and the uncertainty that the reader feels wherever H eathcliff is involved. Through Emily Bronte’s writing, the reader feels Heathcliff’s presence and is as intimidated by it as much as the characters in the story are. Very little is known about Heathcliff, but even so the reader feels that they know him. Another characteristic of a storm that can be seen in Heathcliff is his steadfastness and determination as shown by his will to exact revenge on Hindley after Mr. Earnshaw’s death and Hindley’s poor treatment of Heathcliff. His need to love Cathy even after her ‘betrayal,’ as he puts it, when she marries Edgar Linton, further emphasises this particular characteristic of his. His unwillingness to change his ideas and opinions about people and the way they should be treated also accentuates this point, though he does change his treatment of Hareton towards the end of the novel. Various shades of black, white and grey are associated with a storm and this compares to Heathcliff’s temperament as he too has various levels and layers in his personality as it is developed over time in the novel. At the beginning of the novel Heathcliff appears to be innocent and is welcomed, much like rain or showers. Later on, as his love for Cathy grows and both of them become more aware of social standing and status, his personality darkens and becomes less acceptable by the reader. After Cathy’s death he loses control completely and embodies a harsh tropical storm. He becomes dangerous, unpredictable, rough and wild. His unpredictability can be prominently seen when he holds young Cathy and Nelly hostage to force young Cathy to marry Linton and give up her wealth when her father dies. After this, towards the end of the novel’s chronology, Heathcliff loses all will to hate and becomes a calmer character, though he is still harsh and unforgiving, much like the aftermath of a particularly brutal storm. .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde , .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde .postImageUrl , .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde , .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde:hover , .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde:visited , .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde:active { border:0!important; } .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde:active , .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u88f671f4d171b1312f3300046d0f2bde:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Critical analysis on A good man is hard to find EssayThroughout the novel, Heathcliff is easily swayed by his emotions, much like a storm that is blown by the wind, and has very primal instincts when it comes to his love, Cathy. She even goes as far as to say that he is â€Å"an unreclaimed creature, without refinement† when describing Heathcliff to Isabella in order to warn her of his temperament and instability. In all of the aspects discussed, we can see that Heathcliff is very much like a storm as he blows through Wuthering Heights, completely disrupting the order that was once there during Mr. Earnshaw’s time at the manor and turning the lives of all the inhabitants of both Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange upside down. His character is a pure manifestation of nature in its most destructive form. The reader’s sentiments towards Heathcliff evolve with him. Personally, I liked Heathcliff at the beginning of the story and felt pity for him because of the way he was treated by other household members and the people of the town. I disliked the way Cathy treated him after she had stayed at Thrushcross Grange and felt he deserved better treatment. When he left, I felt the foreboding and when he came back, the description provided by Nelly confirmed whatever suspicions I had. Upon Heathcliff’s return, I immediately began to dislike his character as he had become more wealthy and with this more haughty. He treated those around him much worse than he had before and was sent on exacting full vengeance on those that had mishandled and mistreated him before. Just before his death, I once again felt pity for him as it was clear to me that he had truly loved Cathy and that he missed her in his life once she had married Edgar Linton. Overall, I’m not sure whether I like Heathcliff or not as his character is too complex for me to be able to say. I liked his personality and actions in some parts of the text, but greatly disliked him in others.

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Use Of Artificial Intelligence Has Positive Impact - Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Use Of Artificial Intelligence Has Positive Impact. Answer: Introduction Emerging technology such as robots, artificial intelligence is advancing at the rapid pace. Robotic technology has been improving rapidly, offering us with the technological innovation that could assist with the home chores, automobile setup along with other many tasks (Fast and Horvitz, 2017). Robotic technology has transformed from the past to the present surround everyone in today society, which influences both work and the leisure activities. Since the dawn of the millennium, robots are significantly developing the major functions that are needed to enable them to be substituted for the humans in everyday tasks. With the technological improvements they have allowed programmed mechanism that allows the accomplishment of the superior tasks to the organic counterparts (Gurkaynak, Yilmaz and Haksever, 2016). Robotics has been utilized from the average household appliances for example the toaster, washing machine to the industrial robots and artillery machinery. Machines are found in every aspect of our life starting from simple everyday tasks, via the industrial robots performing hazardous or maybe daunting task for making our life less difficult and in the process of saving individual funds (Gurkaynak, Yilmaz and Haksever, 2016).This essay will highlight the use of the robotic which has a positive impact on the society. This essay will critically and evaluates how the robotic or the artificial intelligence would impact the society positively. Robotics/ artificial intelligence are the two topics which have generated consistent interest in the last few decades. From the Google self driving vehicles to the apocalyptic predictions in relation to the unemployment, they have been constant present to the media outlets along with the imagination of the public. Artificial intelligence has undergone significant advances over the last few years (Gurkaynak, Yilmaz and Haksever, 2016). Many of the sub-disciplines include the machine learning, machine vision and the data mining. This advanced has allowed the increase in the number of the non-routine task to become automated by dividing them to the well defined problems. The increase in the capabilities of the AI is making the software to increase the adaptation of the automated knowledge based jobs particularly in the service sector of the economy. An example artificial intelligence has been utilized in the sensors and the big data applications. The quality and the precision of the var iety of the data which has been deployed in the robotics are increasing more systematically (Gurkaynak, Yilmaz and Haksever, 2016). According to the report by BCG, the prices of the software, as well as the hardware which are deployed in the robots that are deployed in the manufacturing, would decrease by twenty percent in the next decade and the performance of these robots would increase by 5% on the yearly basis. The increase in the quantity as well as the quality of the sensor which have been deployed in the robotic has resulted to the increase in the amount of the data which is collected. The presence of this data allows the engineers in overcoming the wide range of the engineering problems which have impacted the society negatively. The possibilities of utilizing the robotics particularly in the non-routine tasks which are manual are increasingly due to presence of more adept sensors (Siciliano and Khatib, 2016). An example of such robot is the Baxter. This robot was designed t o make use of the advanced sensors as well as manipulators. The development of the various subfields of AI such as the machine learning has enabled the division of the simple tasks into the well defined issues which could be susceptible the process of automation. Problems which are difficult to the human are completed by the robots on their own making the human redundant in that particular task. Artificial intelligence has been driving the adaptation as well as the implementation of the precision medicine and production of the food. A growing method for the ailment treatment in addition to the prevention typically takes into the account of the variability in the genes, environment along with the lifestyle for every individual (Hengstler, Enkel and Duelli, 2016). The usage of the precision medicine enables the doctors along with researchers to predict more accurately the treatment together with the prevention approaches for a particular disease that would operate in groups of the people. Many of the answers generally lie in the great volume of the medical data that has also been collected. The AI algorithms for example the deep learning permit the doctors and hospitals to evaluate better their data (Hengstler, Enkel and Duelli, 2016) .The doctors will accurately and efficiently diagnoses various diseases such as therapies which could work better to certain patients. Nonethele ss, artificial intelligence could be costly to the especially on the research part and many organizations are not able to meet the cost associated to it. Another example of utilization of the usage of the robotics/ artificial intelligence is in the production of the food. The population of the world is expecting to improve much substantially over the subsequent three decades; however the capability for the production of the food production will struggle in keeping with this pace. The AI will drive the efficiency in the current farming methods in increasing the production as well as reducing the wastage without impacting the environment (Fast and Horvitz, 2017). An example the system for example the John Deere Auto Trac has enabled the huge machine in planting the crops in uniform and at accurate way to reduce overlap in the agricultural processes for example the tilling, fertilizing and planting and this in turn reduces the usage of the chemical and increase in the productivity. Add itionally, Caintus which is a machine vision organization they are utilizing deep learning and this has created the facial recognition system which could be used to identify the cows through their facial aspects in just seconds (Gurkaynak, Yilmaz and Haksever, 2016). This will enable the farmers to monitor huge herd with the minimal human involvement. To the contrary of this aspect it becomes very expensive to adopt on this technology and only a few developed nations are utilizing the use of the AI and the robotics in the farming sector. Conclusion The impact of the automation technologies such as the robotics and AI has already been felt all through the economy. The worldwide variety of the robots has improved rapidly over the past few years. The falling in the prices of the robots which could operate all day with no interruption could make them cost competitive with the human workers. When in the service industry the computer algorithms can easily carry out stock trade in a short time, much faster compared to the humans. Because these technologies turn out to be cheap, and widespread, they are going to find more programs in the economy which would impact the society in numerous ways both positive and negatively. An example, the robots would replace the human labour and many individuals in the society would lose employment. Thus, robotics and artificial intelligence would impact the society positively in ways we cannot imagine. References Fast, E. and Horvitz, E., 2017. Long-Term Trends in the Public Perception of Artificial Intelligence. In AAAI (pp. 963-969). Gurkaynak, G., Yilmaz, I. and Haksever, G., 2016. Stifling artificial intelligence: Human perils. Computer Law Security Review, 32(5), pp.749-758. Hengstler, M., Enkel, E. and Duelli, S., 2016. Applied artificial intelligence and trustThe case of autonomous vehicles and medical assistance devices. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 105, pp.105-120. Hoffman, G., Birnbaum, G.E., Vanunu, K., Sass, O. and Reis, H.T., 2014, March. Robot responsiveness to human disclosure affects social impression and appeal. In Proceedings of the 2014 ACM/IEEE international conference on Human-robot interaction (pp. 1-8). ACM. Lewis, C., 2014. 5 areas in Robotics that will transform society and their economic impact. As of, 5, pp.322-332. Mller, J.P. and Fischer, K., 2014. Application impact of multi-agent systems and technologies: A survey. In Agent-oriented software engineering (pp. 27-53). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Nilsson, N.J., 2014. Principles of artificial intelligence. Morgan Kaufmann. Rabbitt, S.M., Kazdin, A.E. and Scassellati, B., 2015. Integrating socially assistive robotics into mental healthcare interventions: Applications and recommendations for expanded use. Clinical psychology review, 35, pp.35-46. Sheridan, T.B., 2016. Humanrobot interaction: status and challenges. Human factors, 58(4), pp.525-532. Siciliano, B. and Khatib, O. eds., 2016. Springer handbook of robotics. Springer. Zang, Y., Zhang, F., Di, C.A. and Zhu, D., 2015. Advances of flexible pressure sensors toward artificial intelligence and health care applications. Materials Horizons, 2(2), pp.140-156.